Bringing film alive for Piaget

Brief de la campagne

Piaget wished to highlight their presence and promote their various partnerships with film festivals, through new branding, online presence and rapid updates.
The richness of content and brand exclusivity make up the heart of this unique project. Alongside the official website content and contextual information – nominees, categories, winners – a section called Inside raises the curtain, to show what is rolling backstage at the Festival – pictures, news, fashion and more.
To highlight creativity in film whilst demonstrating Piaget’s strong involvement in the cinema industry, visuals are prominently featured and elegantly stack on top of each other in a grid.
Initially, blue-infinity worked on the design and development of the portal dedicated to Piaget’s initiatives in the film industry,
This was followed by the launch of the mini-site dedicated exclusively to the Festival,
We look forward to more exciting content from Piaget as they move forward in the world of cinema.